Rahming & Associates has a deep and detailed knowledge for the IRS system, she's very trustworthy and reliable. They take the added pressure away from dealing with difficult financial issue. I highly recommend Rahming & Associates

Valarie Washington

I have been using Rahming & Associates since it opened. I am very satisfied with the services offered here. I am also very pleased with how fast and efficiently my taxes are done. I have gotten other members of my family to use Rahming & Associates and they have also been very satisfied. I would definitely recommend Rahming & Associates to anyone and I will continue to use their services.

Cassandra Thomas

Rahming & Associates helped me get my financials back on a positive track very quickly and with confidence! Rahming & Associates communicated with the IRS on my behalf with amazing speed, professionalism and accuracy. Rahming & Associates also prepares and files my business and personal tax returns, and has gone above & beyond to provide personalized attention. I have recommended them to all my friends and family. Thank you Rahming & Associates! Keep up the great work!

Julie Mizrachi-Gaines

Rahming & Associates was highly recommended by friend after telling him of my tax troubles. At that time my IRS problems seemed big and I didn't want to make any more mistakes by filing my own taxes. I made an appointment with Adrianne, she had a way to put my mind at ease within minutes. Out of all the tax people I have been to in the past, she is the one I like best. Adrianne talks to and handles the IRS for you and works out problems with her vast knowledge of the tax codes. I have learned that any and all letters I get from IRS, she also gets them too, enabling her to stay on top of my situation. I wouldn't even think of going to another tax preparer and I like the fact that I am not just a number as we are on first name basis sort of like friends,when I call her,she knows who I am.   I have since recommended two other people to her, they are now very happy with Rahming & Associates and they too are now her clients. Their comments to me are...Wow, she really knows her stuff.


Rahming & Associates has been a God sent! As a small business owner filing taxes has always been a challenge for me. I've tried several accounting firms in past and present homesteads located throughout Maryland and Texas only to be over charged and under served. This has left me in the red and consistently having to pay the IRS! As mention God has blessed me with Rahming & Associates who examined my portfolios finding ways for me to cut cost, save on business expenses and investments, netting me positive results for both my personal and business finances. I truly treasure Rahming & Associates, professionalism and couldn't imagine using anyone else.

Joseph Adefope

Rahming & Associates provide excellent tax service that saved lots of money. The service was friendly, professional and prompted. I would definitely recommend Rahming & Associates to friends and family


My name is Aaron and I'm a retail sales representative for a large corporation. I'm also a full time musician. I had so much on my plate to the point I lost focus of what was priority. While going through a divorce and losing my home and vehicle, the last thing on my mind was filing taxes. I figured that I lost so much that I had to hold on to the little that I had while providing for my daughter and paying my bills. I told myself to file exempt so that I would be dismissed from taxes. My plan was to do this for 6 months then file non exempt. The money looked really good. No taxes being taken out of my check was awesome. I could buy new drums, get baby girl more clothes, build up my savings and not have to worry about that 47% tax that should have came off of my commission check. 6 months went to 8 months, 8 months went to 10 months, 10 months went to a year. Next thing you know I'm owing the IRS almost 6,000.00. I went to 3 major tax preparation companies I also tried to file my own taxes. Nobody knew how to help me with my tax problem. Just ask I was ready to empty out my savings account and ask family. I remembered Rahming & Associates. I told Rahming & Associates what I was about to do. I told them I was ready to fax off all my documents and do a pay by check to the IRS. Rahming & Associates told me to calm down and don't send anything. She reviewed my tax documents and took care of everything. I ended up paying the IRS $1,700.00. I'm so proud Rahming & Associates helped me.

Aaron Hawaii

I have been a client of Rahming & Associates over the past two years. Rahming & Associates have been hands-on from the start to the finish and I might add on a very timely basis. I would highly recommend them to my friends and family members because they are very professional and try to help there clients to the best of there ability and within the law.

Joyce L. DeSanctis

Bokeelia, Florida We were referred to Rahming & Associates through a co-worker and we have been very satisfied with their services for the past two years. Last year with many financial decisions to be made that could have resulted in detrimental tax consequences we were glad that we already had a competent tax advisor in our corner to help us through all the paperwork that we had to complete. We highly recommend Rahming & Associates and know the importance of getting advice before making any financial decisions. Thank you Rahming & Associates.   Posted By: Matthew & Fiona

Matthew & Fiona

Rahming & Associates goes above and beyond for her clients. Going the extra mile seems to come natural for her, a true sign of integrity.

Denise Cherubino

I have been well please with the service I have received for the past three years withRahming & Associates. I live in Miami, Fl and each year I look forward to the service that Rahming & Associates provide. I highly recommend their services.

Michael Dixon

I am pleased to inform you that Rahming & Associates has been of excellent service to myself and my family, including my mother, father, my siblings and many more. The work that Rahming & Associates has done for us has not only met, but has exceeded our standards and expectations. Rahming & Associates is hard working and offers a great deal of quality and professionalism in all the services that she provides to the community. Rahming & Associates takes there job very seriously and is willing to go over and beyond to meet and exceed all of her client's needs. In addition to our business relationship, Adrian has been a friend of our family for many years, as we attend the same church. I have nothing but positive things to say about Rahming & Associates and quality of service that she brings to the community. In getting to know Rahming & Associates, I'm sure you will feel the same. Thank you.

Ralph Evans

Rahming & Associates, I simply want to say thanks yet again. I don’t know what I would’ve achieved without the type of help you have provided me, from State documents, my non-profit classification, to my personal and business taxes. As you well know, I “was” a procrastinator, and that drove the person who was doing my taxes, in the past, crazy! But, it’s interesting with you... you not only do a 5-Star Professional job, you have a passion, knowledge, and patience for helping people out of trouble; without humiliating the person. Being a “shy and private person” it was very hard and difficult for me to trust anyone with my circumstances; however, being able to meet you, someone who is professional, who loves to help people in trouble, forced me to jump with fulfillment every time you finish a project of mine that I thought was hopeless. I am happy and sincerely appreciative for all you have done for me. I feel organized for the first time in the last ten (10) years and have high hopes, due to the great job you have done for me Thank you again, and may God Bless you, every one you help, and everything you do.

Marvin Harvey

I first met the staff at Rahming & Associates a few years ago, when I was assessed with a $25,000 tax Lien. This tax lien was imposed because I was self employed and some of the companies that I was working for were turning in my 1099 to the government but I never got a copy. This happened a few years in a row and some time went by. I was unaware of what was happening until it happened. When I came to Rahming & Associates they assessed what measures needed to be taken. We worked very diligently together for some time to straighten out the mess I was in. When all was said and done, my tax debt was reduced by nearly $19,000,which left me a balance of approximately $6,700. We then refiled 7 years worth of taxes to fix the problem. During the time that Rahming & Associates worked on my mess, they were honest and fair. Rahming & Associates is a very honest and great people to work with and I would strongly recommend their services to other people. I have referred them to my Mother & Father In-Law. And they also thought they were great. My Thanks to Rahming & Associates for all of their hard work and dedication.

Rebecca Townsend

I had unbelievable problems with the IRS to the point that they wanted to garnish my wages but Rahming & Associates was able to stop that action and put me on the right path. I do not know what I would have done without them.


Being a First Time Home Buyer. Thanks to Rahming & Associates for helping my family get back more than expected.


When I received a notice from the IRS, stating a large tax delinquency, a million things ran though my mind. “How could these figures be right”, “I don’t have this kind of money!”, “This isn’t right”, “How am I going to fix this?” “Oh my God . . . Did I save that return?”. I was filled with fear and thankfully I was out of my element and had no business going it alone with the IRS. Thank God, I found Rahming & Associates. The Team at Rahming & Associates put me at ease and went to work, fixing the things I missed in my previous returns and I never thought of. The team at Rahming & Associates knew I could do a “Do over” which I now know is an amended return, which eliminated all penalties and gave me a clean bill of health. Similar professionals wanted to charge me four times what I happily paid the fine people atRahming & Associates. They more than paid for themselves without gouging me at a vulnerable moment. They didn’t play on my fears. They did for me what I could not. WILLIAM BAKER C-239-333-5746 P-941-227-5417 F-941-227-3307



I highly recommend Rahming & Associates as your tax professional. Rahming & Associates is extremely professional, well versed in tax law and is very client centered. For years I used the services of another well know tax agency only to find myself in a stressful tax situation owing thousands of dollars to the IRS. In two short years Rahming & Associates helped to resolve my situation, saving me thousands of dollars in the process.

Pastor Glover

Thanks to Rahming & Associates my daughter and I were able to go on a great vacation to Columbia.


Rahming & Associates took my business to a new level of detail and savings. I was impressed at not only the speed, but quality and professionalism of Rahming & Associates. Rahming & Associates handled spoke on my behalf to the I.R.S. and got me the payment extension I needed to keep my business afloat. As a result, I am able to save more money than I thought possible and pay off my debt. Victoria had the insight that my previous CPAs didn't even know about!

Master Corey Tucker